27 de abril de 2009

Google o3d

These days, we know Google is The leading company on the cloud stuff, you know:
Gmail, Jaiku, Knol, Google Docs, Calendar, Groups, Chrom[e/ium], Gtalk, Gvideo, youtube, Native Client (yes, that thing they say is NOT a new ActiveX, and that can run Quake smoothly on the browser :D), that other thing they had to compete second-life (whose name i can never remember), etc (a big one). And now they bring to us this: o3d, a totally new 3d world for our beloved browsers.
See by yourself what is all this about:

(i wonder if they are planning to use native client with o3d and that second life-like game lively).

PS: Now i have abou 3 days trying to post this stuff, but blogger doesn't stop giving me errors on firefox, i'm using kazehakase right now, and it works just fine.
(i posted this on other blog too: Hackminds).

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