17 de junio de 2009

Duck Duck Go: The new search engine

is a new search engine, and one that really likes me besides google, the reason is, it gives you the right info (in a cuter form, btw), it also provides you a simple definition about what you just searched, easy search on popuar pages with a tiny icon linking to it, etc.
Duck Duck Go 's own about says it all:
Duck Duck Go is a new search engine with less garbage and better results. With less clicking forward and back between results, it is for anyone who wants to get information faster.

We do a lot of things differently.

More Features:

  • Category Pages, e.g. Communication disorders.
  • Detects topics in searches for more relevant results.
  • Omits over 40 million spam/parked domains.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: ↑ ↓, Enter (go), j k (arrow alts.), and / (search box).
  • Detects calculations, phone, tracking, car #s; zip, book, product codes; street and IP addresses.
  • Search popular sites with one-click, e.g. YouTube.
I highlighted bolded things i believe are really important when using a search engine.
PS:I really love keyboard shorcuts ♥

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